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Leon Krijgsman: A decade of dedication and growth at iPS Powerful People

16 May 2024


3 min

With a passion for football, Formula 1, and a good glass of whiskey or craft beer, Leon Krijgsman is not only a devoted father in his spare time but also someone who enjoys getting the most out of life. Ten years ago, Leon found his way to iPS Powerful People through someone from his network. His journey began modestly as an Accounting Officer and steadily led him to become a Senior Accounting Officer. Now, he shines as a Junior Financial Controller, always driven and seeking knowledge and new challenges.


Ten years have flown by! What solid milestones has Leon achieved during these past 10 years at iPS?

Well, from Junior Financial Controller who started by booking bank statements and sending out sales invoices, Leon has evolved into a Junior Controller! A growth trajectory to be proud of, and the best part? The journey continues.


What motivates Leon to stay on board at iPS for even longer?

The variety of tasks, continuous personal development, and of course, the team! A team of four, clustered together for over a decade, with unwavering trust in each other. Enjoyment at work and team spirit are not just empty concepts here. And those morning moods? No jokes are made about them… or perhaps they are, but with a wink. 😉


Which projects have captured Leon’s heart over the past 10 years?

The project in Denmark was like a breathtaking roller coaster ride, and although sweat sometimes stood in his palms, he did the job! And the Rotterdamse Baan near The Hague? A journey into real life, where he could meet the faces from the candidates behind the emails together with the colleagues from our Tunnelling Department. An experience never to be forgotten. Leon ‘It was good to see the faces behind our candidates in real life instead of only having online contact’.


Has the company culture undergone changes?

Leon: ‘Absolutely! Digitalization has made its entrance, but the informal atmosphere and the warm team spirit have remained unchanged all this time. iPS takes care of its colleagues, and you can feel it.’


For newcomers at iPS, Leon has one golden advice: Ask questions! This is not your everyday company, but with a little curiosity, you can go far here. And if you’re unsure? Just ask, safety first.


Where does the future lie for Leon at iPS?

Step by step, enjoying every challenge that, for example, the annual accounts bring. Because what’s more enjoyable than unraveling complex issues and working together towards a glorious future?


If you had to describe iPS in three words?

Leon: ‘Ambitious, driven, and above all… informal! A mix of different cultures where everyone can be themselves. Flexibility and teamwork, that’s what iPS stands for.’


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