Meet our Recruiter Mariia Meinsma from our Maritime Department in The Netherlands

Mariia always had an interest in the Maritime Industry and is one of our Recruiters within the Maritime Department in The Netherlands. She likes the personal approach we, as iPS, have when we speak about the contact with our candidates. Read more about Mariia´s job as Recruiter and in what topics she can find her passion.  


Can you describe your job function? What do you do on a daily basis?

Mariia: ´Every day we start with our morning team meeting. During this meeting we discuss which roles we need to find after receiving vacancies from our clients. After the meeting we start looking for the people who will fit the job. It is possible that this candidate is already in our database or our network.


My day doesn’t only consist of looking for a good candidate who will fit the client vacancy. It is also about networking. We are growing our network for the company and for the clients. So I am looking for people through for example LinkedIn, through our system, different social media channels, and more. Currently I am looking for Dutch people and we are looking for European candidates mostly from our Headquarters here in The Netherlands, of course we are working all over the world and we are always looking for all nationalities and positions but Dutch positions is the main priority for me right now.


Looking, screening, checking CV´s, making interviews, my job is all about getting to know the candidates. Which clients will match with this candidate, which position is suitable. So, it is not only screening but also trying to place the candidate at the right place.´


As you mentioned in your role you have a lot of contact with candidates. What do you like most about the contact with the candidates?

Mariia: ´It is always nice to talk to our candidates, also because my background is Maritime related, Yachting. It is interesting to learn about what they are doing on a daily basis. What they like about their jobs, why they choose that specific job. So it is interesting to hear their stories.´


When we are speaking about contact with candidates, how do you get in touch with them. Does it depend? Is it different every time?

Mariia: ´It depends, but as I am speaking for myself I am using my email or send the candidates a message to ask for a right time to call them. Because sometimes, when it is urgent, we will call them directly. But it is not always the right time because of the time difference, or they are on their way in their car that is why I am trying to prepare the conversation/interview.´


You came from a background in Yachting. I am wondering how did you end up in this sector, why did you make the change?

Mariia: ´I still really like the yachting sector. The reason why I moved to the Netherlands is because of my marriage. I met him on board and we decided to move to the Netherlands. That was the main reason. Why I choose working here? Because it is still close to the maritime sector. I like to continue to be in touch with people working at sea. Combining life and working at sea is not always an easy job, it can be quite difficult. Sometimes, when I am talking to one of the candidates, I understand them so much because it is hard to leave your family and everything behind and go to work at sea at a short or longer period.´


You have this passion for the industry. You moved. And how did you experienced moving to the Netherlands?

Mariia: ´It was hard to leave all the connections I have behind. I moved 2 years ago and I am still getting used to the country. I am trying to learn the language. It is a different mentality, but I really like it. It is structured and has rules. By working at sea alone so much, you also follow the rules on board and everything goes perfect, and I am used to this way of living. So that is what I like about the Netherlands.´


What do you like most about your job?

Mariia: ´From the moment I entered iPS I noticed that there is a nice atmosphere in the company. We can speak to the managers and the doors to the directors are always open. Everyone is super open and will help you were they can. Just to make you happy and make sure you enjoy going to work. This is something I find really nice. Also good to mention is that a study budget is available for each person to grow. I was looking for a job to grow and make a career. That is important for me.´


If you need to describe iPS as a company, how would you describe it?

Mariia: ´First of all it is an international company. We are working all over the world. I would say iPS has a different approach. From the candidates, I hear they love to work with iPS because we approach different. We think about people, not only about our colleagues but also about our candidates. We trying to help them in every way we can.

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