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15 November 2023


1 min

The Ituango Dam, also referred to as the Pescadero-Ituango Dam or Hidroituango, is an embankment dam currently under construction on the Cauca River near Ituango in Antioquia Department, Colombia.




In the underground area, 58 of 63 micropiles were installed that will allow the construction of the pre-plug and the final plug, an activity that requires precision and safety more than speed. The Ituango Hydroelectric Project has recovered on its different fronts. Before the contingency there was an 84.3% progress of work. After the event, the Project stood at 59.6% and at this time 82.3% is reached, which demonstrates EPM’s commitment to fulfill the country with the promised energy and always prioritizing in its order: the life of the communities and the workers, the care of the environment and the recovery of the Project.

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