The Valaris DPS-5 the US Gulf, offshore Mexico

The drilling Jack Up VALARIS DPS 5 is currently located at USG – Gulf of Mexico.


What kind of ship is this?

VALARIS DPS 5 (IMO: 8770522) is a Drilling Jack Up that was built in 2012 and is sailing under the flag of Liberia. Her length overall (LOA) is 130.25 meters, and her width is 68.88 meters.


What are Semisubmersibles?

Semi-submersible may refer to a self-propelled vessel. In the case of the Valaris DPS-5 the ship refers to:


An oil platform, a large structure with facilities for well drilling to explore, extract, store, and process petroleum and natural gas, in deeper water (more than 1,500 metres (4,900 ft)), the semisubmersible or drillship are maintained at the required drilling location using dynamic positioning.


Design: Proprietary ENSCO 8500 Series DP-2

Water Depth: Ultra-Deepwater: 7,500′ +

Region: North and South America

Maximum Water Depth: 8,500’/10,000′


What have we been able to contribute to this project?

iPS candidates have been involved in the following scopes of work:

  • Radio Operator: Operates vessel communications equipment, answers phones, and carries out clerical duties such as filing and typing as directed. Receives and transmit messages between the vessel and shore bases, supply vessels, helicopters, and other stations by radio telephone. Operates all communications equipment in the radio room, and ensures they are well maintained and operational. Maintains a radio listening watch on marine and aeronautical emergency frequencies. Ensures the maintenance of all electronic navigational aids where applicable. Advises the OIM/Master of any emergency situations within the vicinity of the vessel.
  • HSE: Supports safe operations onboard the rig DPS-5 by providing advice. Responsible to coordinate safety trainings on board. Responsible to implement HSE programs and procedures on board the rig DPS-5.
  • Translator: Supports safe operations onboard the rig by providing translation services between English-speaking and Spanish.
  • Electrician: Ensures the maintenance of drilling, marine and general vessel’s equipment. Ensures that operations are planned, organized, supervised, and executed in accordance with well programs, rig move plans, company requirements and contractual obligations. Coordinates planning and execution of preventive maintenance. Maintains an updates with accurate detail historical record of all maintenance done as well as keeping a record of all equipment certification documents. Prioritizes maintenance tasks assigned on safety and environmental critical equipment/systems (SECE’s) as defined in VAMS.
  • Assistant Mechanic: Assists the Mechanic to ensure the safe an effective operation of all the mechanical equipment; including main engines, air compressors, potable water system, sewage treatment system, drill water manifold, pumps, bilge manifold, drilling equipment, cranes, air conditioners, etc. Eliminates all mechanical hazards as they are identified and establishes effective barriers when unable to remove hazards. Ensures efficient and continual functioning of all mechanical, centrifugal, and auxiliary machinery. Prioritizes maintenance tasks assigned on safety & environmental critical equipment/systems (SECE’s) as defined in VAMS.
  • Welder: Supports rig maintenance team by constructing or repairing metal structures or equipment onboard the rig. Expertly welds small, medium, and large bore pipe of various metals and alloys. Performs complex mechanical installations per engineering direction. Reads and comprehends construction drawings and specifications. Lays out and installs piping, equipment, and other mechanical systems in compliance with construction drawings and specifications. Marks up construction drawings and specifications with as-built status. Maintains responsibility for all tools and equipment assigned to the group.
  • Storekeepers: Assists in material requisitions, Inventory management duties including stock issues, receipts, safe storage, and handling, and provides support in materials logistics.
  • Floorhands: Assists in the execution of all drilling operations in other areas of the vessel as required. Follows standard instructions and maintains good communication with the Assistant Driller; provides notification of any concern, ensuring any deviation is properly communicated and documented. Ensures that operations are planned, organized, supervised, and executed in accordance with well programs, rig move plans, company requirements and contractual obligations. Performs daily checks (i.e., QHSE checks, manifold line ups, etc.) as directed by the Assistant Driller. Operates rig tongs, wrenches and other equipment required for making up or breaking out tubular; perform other tasks necessary for drilling operations. Uses manual and automated means to move, position, lift, pull, push, remove and install tubular and other equipment as needed to perform the operation.
  • Roustabouts: Assists with deck and cargo operations on the rig at the immediate discretion of the Crane Operators(s) and Deck Pusher(s). This includes supporting all cranes operations, barrier activity, stowage of cargo, bulk materials, and drilling equipment, as well as adequate housekeeping in all related spaces. He/she may also, at times, be required to assist with drilling operations. Cleans, and organize the deck, equipment, and all related work areas. Off-loads supplies from boats and move them to storage areas at the direction of the Deck Pushers and Crane Operators. Checks loads for proper slinging, lift clearance, obstructions in movement, balance, etc. Ensures that barriers are appropriately in place prior to lifting operations. Works to ensure that all decks and other cargo related spaces are clean, organized, and inventoried/audited.  and other similar functions.


Image source: Valaris

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