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10 year work anniversary Guido van der Zwet

12 January 2023


5 min


When and where did your journey with iPS Powerful People begin?

My journey with iPS began the 14th of January of 2013 in Mexico City


Why did you choose this industry?

What attracted me mainly was to be in human capital, it is great to help people find the right challenge and get the fit between person and company. People business is not always easy, you either love it or hate it. The energy sector also attracted me and still does. It is a very exciting and constantly changing industry. This also means that you are in contact with many people and companies in different markets.


Why did you decide to take the next step and move from Mexico to the USA?

There were various reasons, and it was like stars aligned. First of all it was the right time within the company and for me and my family to move to new challenge, I have lived in Mexico for 16 years and wanted my family to experience what it is like to live abroad. On the other hand, about 80% of our clients in Mexico have their main offices in Houston so I was coming there regularly and did not have to start from scratch. Since I am also still involved commercially with Mexico, it is a good place to be and still 4 hours door to door to Mexico City. The exciting new industry of Offshore Wind in the US also attracted me, the first projects are about to take off in 2023 and we are already working with several clients in the industry. iPS has been involved in Offshore Wind for over a decade and most of our clients we serve in Europe and Asia are also coming to the USA and are looking for a familiar face. It reminds me of when I started in Mexico and we built a name for ourselves mainly on the back of the Energy Reform which changed the market completely. My ambition is to become the preferred supplier to customers and preferred employer to our candidates in the USA in the coming years.


When you look back on these 10 years, how would you describe iPS as a company? Which memories pop-up in mind?

I would describe iPS as a reliable partner in personnel services. It has grown to a company with over 45 payroll solutions, a global network of candidates and clients and a strong experience in the market. This year, 2023 marks the 35th anniversary of the company, we have candidates and clients that we have worked with from the beginning. The company is striving to be a partner instead of just a service provider, which is an approach that suits me and I strongly believe in.


Memories that pop-up is a great question, there are so many! One of the memories that I have is that my very first placement with iPS in 2013 was Benjamin Gomez, and 7 years later he joined iPS to be our branch manager in Ciudad del Carmen. I have learned so much from my colleagues and peers, and have also learned that this industry is not for everybody, you either love it or hate it. I remember my first big crewing contract, in which I flew to Ciudad del Carmen and planned to be there for 1 day but ended up staying for 3 days and working 18 hours a day to get everything in place. Another great memory I have is when we posted a vacancy in the local newspaper in Ciudad del Carmen and we had 500 people on the street with a CV in hand and the police have to close the street. I remember our great trade fairs around Congreso Mexicano del Petroleo, in different places like Acapulco, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Puebla among others. My first visit to Houston around OTC and visiting the huge office buildings and closing the first deals there. But what I mainly remember and cherish are all the people that have come along the way, those I worked with and am still working.


What are your highlights at iPS/your work experiences over the last 10 years?

Of course I am proud of the development of our office in Mexico, when I started we were just 4 people and an office that made me doubt to start in the first place. But once we got our first deals, grew the team and the Energy Reform changed the entire panorama of Mexico, we were able to grow to a team of 35 people, with offices in Mexico City, Ciudad del Carmen, and Villahermosa. The labor reform has changed the business but we have been able to change our business model and we have a strong presence in Mexico and great prospects for the future, we became an established name in the industry. But an established name is not worth anything if your service is not good, in my opinion you should always be judged on your last delivered service so we always need to be top of our game.


Another highlight is USA, although we have only just started, I am proud of the first accomplishments, placements, and client contacts. I look forward to the coming years, with high ambitions, a great partnership with Teal Energi we are ready for the future. Up for another 10 years with iPS!

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