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Celebrating Success: iPS Congratulates the Champion Girl Team of v.v. Nieuwerkerk

17 April 2024


2 min

Proud alert! The girls’ team MO11-1 of v.v. Nieuwerkerk has conquered the first phase of the premier class and are now champions!


With an unbeatable streak of 16 victories, these talented girls have shown what teamwork and perseverance truly mean. And guess what? They even have a sponsor by their side now, making it all even cooler!


The girls train hard on Wednesdays and Fridays to improve their skills, and on Saturdays, they shine on the field during the matches. A special shout-out to our colleague Michael and the two amazing mothers who take these girls under their wings, train them, and guide them during the exciting match days. You are truly a dream team!

In the second phase, the girls came in second. In the third phase, they started playing against the boys, and here too they became champions. This season, they played 18 matches, won 16, drew 1, and lost 1. They have also participated in two tournaments so far, winning both of them.


As iPS, we are proud to sponsor these girls in achieving their goals.


VV Nieuwerkerk was founded on July 20, 1929. The club currently has 2150 members:

The history of vv Nieuwerkerk in a nutshell It is in the years 1918-1919 that Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel first gets acquainted with football. A group of Rotterdammers rents a piece of meadowland on the ‘s-Gravenweg, halfway between Kerklaan and Vijf Boeken. A few poles in the ground and that’s it. The young men don’t play matches; the terrain serves as a training ground. Nieuwerkerkers are not involved and not happy about it. Balls end up in places where they definitely shouldn’t be. This ‘football’ lasted for a few years.


Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel doesn’t remain without football for long. Employees of the glass factory ‘De Struischvogel’ form a team called ‘D.O.S.’ They find a piece of land on the Rijskade that is arranged as a garden. The sticks with beans make way for a makeshift football field. The team stops when the glass factory goes bankrupt at the end of the 1920s.


Want to know how the club’s development continues? Click here: VV Nieuwerkerk History


Want to read more about the club? Visit the website or Instagram or Facebook

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