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From Junior Consultant to Principal: Pim's Journey at iPS Powerful People | 10-Year Reflections

9 February 2024


4 min

After completing his studies, Pim spent 5 months in Southeast Asia. When he returned in 2013, he started looking for work and ended up at iPS Powerful People. After an exploratory interview for a Junior Consultant position, Pim began as a Junior Consultant at our office in Scheveningen, and the rest is history.



Looking back over the past 10 years, what milestones and/or projects have been important to you?

Pim: I started in the Energy Department, where I spent 1 year, and then I moved to the Maritime Department. Milestones include starting as a junior with no experience, progressing to medior, senior, and now principal consultant. My career is truly a personal milestone.


Regarding projects: notable projects we’ve had include the expansion of the Suez Canal and most recently the Fehmarnbelt project.


Why do these two projects stand out for you?

Pim: The expansion of the Suez Canal consisted of two very large projects and was significant for iPS and for us. The big 4—Van Oord, Jan de Nul, Boskalis, and DEME—were involved in expanding the Suez Canal.


The Fehmarnbelt project: we managed to contribute to the project with a significant number of people working on this. It’s gratifying to be part of this. Later, when the project is completed, I can proudly say: I contributed to that, which I find beautiful.


You speak enthusiastically about the project itself. What was your involvement in the project?

Pim: For the Suez Canal, it involved sourcing people and placing the candidates on the project itself, and for the Fehmarnbelt project, it shifted besides sourcing also towards a more coordinating role.


You’ve held various positions. When you first joined the company, what skills have you been able to develop to reach the role of principal consultant you have now?

Pim: Through all the years of experience, I gained knowledge of  our different payroll entities. There are the ‘normal’ placements, but we also apply exceptions for special placements and agreements. The longer you work within iPS, the more you learn how to think in terms of solutions and the more exceptions you can apply. During the my years of at iPS I gained a lot of knowledge and experience and now I’ve become the point of contact in the company for questions, and providing training to colleagues to share knowledge about our business, our payroll solutions and in the usage of our CRM system . So now it’s about sharing a lot of knowledge and being the go-to person within iPS.


Do you find that colleagues outside your team also come to you for knowledge?

Pim: When it comes to colleagues within the team, they have questions like: what salary should be applied or what is the right contract to choose, but besides that also the other commercial teams, Mid-Office and Finance teams; everyone knows how to find me 😉


Do you have a story that highlights the culture and/or values of iPS Powerful People?

Pim: Not specifically, but what gives me a lot of energy is the overall atmosphere, the accessibility within the company. We don’t have a high hierarchy; you can easily step into the director’s office to ask questions. Everyone is equal, and I find that very pleasant. Also, we work as a team. So, not with personal targets, but we have a team target and ultimately one iPS target, allowing us to work towards a goal together as a team rather than individually. That’s something about iPS I find pleasant and gives me energy , and one of the reasons I’m still here. Additionally, the camaraderie and the things we do together outside of work, such as staff outings, various legendary Christmas evenings, and, of course, Ibiza was the cherry on top.


You’ve been working here for 10 years. What do you want to say to new employees starting their journey at iPS?

Pim: I came in with the idea that I wouldn’t stay long. As a company, we’ve grown significantly in professionalism and internally  regarding personal development. It’s a great company to work for; the colleagues are open, there is a good atmosphere, and we work hard, but there is also time for a laugh together.


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