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Get to know our professionals: Officer Kevin de Jong

15 November 2023


4 min

Meet our maritime professionals! The maritime world is a vast and dynamic domain that encompasses everything related to the sea and its industries. It’s a realm where innovation meets tradition, and where the boundless horizons of the sea inspire endless possibilities. Get to know our candidate Officer Kevin de Jong to know more about his job as Officer.


When did you start as an Officer?

Kevin: I commenced my career as an Officer three years ago. During that period, I had recently graduated as a Maritime Officer from the Maritime and Logistics College de Ruyter in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. My aspiration was to further my education, leading me to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen.


Throughout my academic journey, I seized the opportunity to work as an Officer during vacation breaks to gain invaluable practical experience, leveraging my existing qualifications.


I’m currently in the final stages of my education and continue to be actively engaged with iPS Powerful People.


How did you get in touch with iPS, and how long ago was this?

Kevin: My introduction to iPS was through my father, who, at that time, was working as a freelance contractor and had an established relationship with iPS. He shared his positive experiences, which prompted me to reach out to the company. Since that initial contact, I have had nothing but positive interactions with iPS.


Can you describe a memorable experience you’ve had during your work?

Kevin: I recently had an unforgettable experience while on a ship voyage from Kiel, Germany, to Reykjavik, Iceland. Prior to reaching Reykjavik, I had no idea of the breathtaking beauty of Iceland. As a nature enthusiast, Iceland proved to be a dream destination with its captivating volcanoes and landscapes, even though it can be a bit expensive. Fortunately, my work allowed me the time to explore this remarkable place. I certainly plan to return in the future, but next time it will be for leisure rather than work!


If you had to describe your job in three words, what words would you choose and why?

Kevin: My role as a Deck Officer on seafaring vessels can be summarized as adventurous, diverse, and independent.

Adventurous: This work entails travelling the world and visiting places that one wouldn’t typically explore for leisure. Meeting different people and experiencing their stories is truly fascinating. As a child, my dream was to travel the world, and I couldn’t have asked for a better job to make that dream a reality.
Varied: Each day in this role presents new challenges. The work is far from monotonous, and the constantly changing sea scenery offers a unique experience every day, which sets it apart from land-based jobs.
Independent: Even as a Junior Officer, this position demands a great deal of responsibility and problem-solving. It instils qualities like independence and a strong sense of responsibility, which are highly valuable.

When did your passion for the maritime sector begin?

Kevin: Like many young individuals, I was uncertain about my career path. My father played a significant role in guiding me toward the maritime world. After high school, I decided to take the plunge into maritime school. However, my passion for this sector truly ignited when I stepped aboard a ship for the first time as an intern. Witnessing the practical aspects of this work immediately captured my heart.


Can you describe your daily duties?

Kevin: At sea, every Officer takes their own watch, which spans eight hours each day. My watches typically occurred from 00:00 to 04:00 and from 12:00 to 16:00. During these watches, I maintained a vigilant lookout, ensuring the safe and efficient navigation of the ship from point A to point B. What I find most enjoyable about working on a research vessel is that, as a Junior Officer, I was immediately involved in manoeuvring, my favourite part of the job. I was responsible for keeping the ship in position amidst waves, swells, and wind while scientists collected research samples.


In the role of Second Officer, I also oversaw all safety equipment on board and kept the navigation equipment on the bridge up-to-date. In addition to my sea watches, I had maintenance tasks, which typically took place between 10:00 to 11:30 and 16:00 to 17:00. While in port, my responsibilities shifted to deck work, ensuring the smooth, safe, and efficient operation of cargo activities.



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