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iPS | Nautech: Your Global Partner for Survey and Seismic Job Placements and Specialized Employment Opportunities

9 November 2023


3 min

Our iPS | Nautech department ensemble consists of five seasoned Recruitment Consultants, three highly efficient administrative professionals, and an 82-year-old reliable shredder that has processed a countless number of documents. Our dynamic team has fine-tuned our expertise over the years, specializing in facilitating an average of 100 candidate placements each month on various vessels worldwide, spanning the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, the North Sea, and other demanding and distant places. 


Despite Jersey’s small size, iPS | Nautech boasts a global presence in the world of survey jobs, serving as a cornerstone for professionals seeking survey job vacancies, including Gun Mechanics, Survey Engineers, Geophysicists, and Observers. Our success is based on a meticulously crafted value proposition that sets us apart from competitors.


At the forefront is our commitment to paying wages in high-tax jurisdictions, ensuring our contractors receive their full earnings upfront, sparing them the burdensome process of retrospective tax claims. This is just one example of our unwavering dedication to our contractors’ comfort.


Furthermore, we invest substantially in training our survey staff, equipping them with the latest software to tackle their assignments, especially in the demanding US market. Our unwavering commitment to ongoing skill development is just one of the important factors contributing to the success of iPS | Nautech’s candidates in survey jobs.


Despite our global reach, iPS | Nautech is renowned for maintaining a close-knit team culture. We firmly believe in the strength of familial bonds among our colleagues, a camaraderie that extends beyond the workplace, encompassing our relationships with clients and candidates alike.


Rukhanna Harvey, a dedicated iPS | Nautech team member for a decade, is not only a valuable asset but also the daughter of the company’s founder. She specializes in managing major clients in the seismic industry and handling complex crew changes for survey jobs. Then we have Ben, a recent addition to our team, focused on new business development, expanding our candidate roster among less-active clients, especially those seeking survey job vacancies. Despite our diverse roles, we operate as a harmonious unit.


In a curious twist of fate, iPS | Nautech’s account manager and one of our recruitment consultants are neighbors on this charming island.


For potential clients in the survey jobs sector, the iPS | Nautech promise is elegantly straightforward: if you face personnel challenges in the Seismic, Survey, and ROV industry, all you have to do is reach out to our team. We will swiftly embark on a search, whether for a full crew or a critical job role, such as Gun Mechanics, Survey Engineers, Geophysicists, or Observers. Nautech will then onboard you as a client and tailor our recruitment efforts to your specific needs.


For candidates seeking positions in these specialized fields, the process is equally straightforward. They can sign up on iPS | Nautech’s website and send their cover letter as well as their resumé, or just send an email to survey@ipspowerfulpeople.com with “Find me a job” in the heading to kick-start their journey in survey jobs. Our commitment to both clients and candidates remains unwavering.


It’s in the heart of Jersey where iPS | Nautech flourishes, offering a unique blend of personalized service, financial benefits, training, and global connections for survey job opportunities. We transcend the role of a mere recruitment agency, emerging as a lifeline for those navigating the challenging waters of the Seismic, Survey, and ROV industry, especially for professionals like Gun Mechanics, Survey Engineers, Geophysicists, and Observers. With our small yet high-performance team and extensive global reach, we prove that greatness can indeed originate from the smallest places in the world of survey jobs.

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