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iPS Powerful People expands into the Guyana – Suriname basin

2 February 2021


2 min


iPS Powerful People is pleased to announce that it has expanded its activities into the Guyana- Suriname basin.


Significant discoveries of oil and gas fields have been made in the Guyana – Suriname basin in the past few years, opening up the potential for rapid economic growth and development of the Oil & Gas industry.


Oil fields with reserves of over 9 billion barrels have already been discovered in Guyana, and many more are expected to follow. Guyana has started setting up a comprehensive infrastructure to kick start the Oil & Gas industry. Many international players have already entered the market, including current clients of iPS Powerful People. The Government of Guyana has announced local content rules to ensure that the country and its people receive full benefit from the growth of the Oil & Gas market. iPS Powerful People supports this initiative and looks forward to playing its part in the development of a specialized local workforce. IPS will provide international specialists that will train the local workers to industry standards.


In Suriname, oil fields with reserves of over 1.4 billion barrels have been discovered so far,  and expectations of further discoveries are high, with the country actively tendering geographical blocks for exploration. A loan from the IMF will enable the country to invest in and develop local infrastructure. Like Guyana, Suriname is also implementing local content rules to develop its local workforce.


Guyana and Suriname together with French Guyana are close neighbours, thus the overall potential of the oil fields in the Guyana – Suriname basin has become the new focus of IOC’s, EPC, Maritime and industry related companies.


iPS Powerful People provides international candidates at competitive rates, as well as local recruitment, payroll and personnel logistics (training, traveling, accommodation, expense administration and migration services). iPS Powerful People is already in the market, has hired its first workers and is participating in various tenders.


Are you interested or do you want to know more? Please contact us: guyana@ipspowerfulpeople.com

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