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Mexico Sapura Energy

2 January 2022


2 min

Sapura Energy project iPS

Think fast in changing 40 crews simultaneous

It was a mammoth task providing staff for the Malaysian company Sapura Energy. From his office in Mexico, Guido van der Zwet, Manager Americas at iPS, talks with pride about a successful partnership. Guido: ‘The ship has left the port, the job has been completed. We established a close relationship with Sapura Energy and it’s guaranteed that iPS will be a preferred supplier for the next project.’ The Sapura Energy 3500 was used to lay an offshore pipeline between a production platform and an oil extraction rig. There were 180 men onboard, of whom 120 were on iPS’ payroll, most of which were welders and supervisors.



At an onboard station, the 18-kilometre-long pipeline was welded and subsequently lowered to 300 meters below sea level. The job took six months to complete. Guido: ‘For a job like this we recruit staff, we conduct the interviews and we check their credentials. Many of the staff had previously worked for us which saved us time. Before boarding they are subjected to a practical exam, to ensure we provide the client with qualified personnel. We then provide ‘door-to-door’ service: we pick up the staff, arrange a hotel for them in the city where they will stay and we arrange their transport to the port. From there, the client takes over. We changed 40 crews simultaneously.´


You need to think and act fast. We worked very closely with our offices in Mexico City, Ciudad del Carmen, and the Middle East. The office in the Middle East took care of all contracts.

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