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Neart na Gaoithe Offshore Wind Farm: A Renewable Energy Source for Scotland

25 January 2024


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The Neart na Gaoithe offshore wind farm project, better known as NnG OWF, marks an important step towards renewable energy for Scotland.  



Neart na Gaoithe Offshore Wind Farm (NnG OWF)

The Neart na Gaoithe offshore wind farm project is known as NnG OWF. Located 15.5 km off the coast of Fife, Scotland, this project covers an area of about 105 km². Its main objective is to convert wind energy into usable electricity. In doing so, it’s expected to produce up to 450 MW of clean energy, enough to supply around 375,000 homes with electricity.


Renewable energy for Scotland

The primary goal of NnG OWF is to build an offshore wind farm that converts wind energy into electricity. With up to 54 turbines, it will not only help reduce dependency on fossil fuels, but also provide a significant reduction in carbon emissions. In addition, NnG will provide employment and manufacturing opportunities, making a positive impact on the local Scottish economy.


Project start date and duration

Construction work began onshore in November 2019 and started offshore in August 2020. iPS was involved in the project in both 2022 and 2023. With an estimated duration of 4 years, the project is now nearing completion, with full commissioning expected in 2023.


Location: Fife, Scotland, UK

The choice of site for NnG was based on a combination of technical, economic and environmental considerations. The site, located off the Fife coast, was carefully selected based on criteria such as water depth, bottom conditions, expected energy yield and access to port facilities.


Involvement of iPS in the Project

iPS played a crucial role in various phases of the NnG OWF project, including:
Installation of the array cables and interconnectors (DEME).
Installation of the wind turbine jackets (Heerema Marine Contractors).
Conclusion: Towards Sustainable Energy


Neart na Gaoithe offshore wind farm is not only a technological marvel but also promises to make a significant contribution to the transition to renewable energy in Scotland. With expected completion in 2023, NnG OWF will have a tangible impact on reducing the carbon footprint and boosting the local economy.


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