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Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel Project

2 February 2023


2 min


The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is a 17.6 mile bridge and tunnel complex that spans the lower Chesapeake Bay and connects Virginia’s Eastern Shore with the mainland in Virginia Beach. The Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel project involves the construction of a two-lane bored tunnel from the CBBT’s southernmost island (#1 Island) under Thimble Shoal Channel to #2 Island.



When complete, the new tunnel will carry two lanes of traffic southbound and the existing tunnel will carry two lanes of traffic northbound. The new Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel will be the first transportation tunnel constructed in the Mid-Atlantic region by a tunnel boring machine (TBM).


The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District and Chesapeake Tunnel Joint Venture are committed to protecting the Chesapeake Bay and minimizing environmental impacts as a result of construction of the Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel.  Also good to mention is the environmental approach for this project as it pertains to water quality, the management of construction materials and the minimization of general environmental impacts resulting from project construction.


As iPS we are providing a range of manpower from TBM Operator to TBM Fitter’s. The complexity of the project is massive. iPS is suppling some of the key experienced personnel to this project for the duration of the Tunnelling phase.


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