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Take a look into the life of our Executive Secretary Yvonne Klomp

15 November 2023


4 min

What does our Executive Secretary do on a daily basis? Read Yvonne her story below and find out more about her day to day tasks, what she thinks of the variety in her work and which experiences stay on top of mind.


Can you describe your position? What do you do on a daily basis?
Yvonne: It’s a very busy job. No day is the same. My job is of course mainly dedicated to supporting the management, in our case our two Directors. A few tasks of my job are the agenda management, making travel arrangements and basically everything that concerns the Directors and where I can help and assist them with, that’s what I do.


You are now talking about what you do in general. If you had to describe something you really like most about your job, what would you say?
Yvonne: That’s not really one specific task but what I like most is that every day is always different and varied. You have to be able to switch very quickly with solving problems and the best part is of course that you are close to the core. So, you also know a lot and that also means that you understand some things better within the organization. That’s is very interesting.


As you indicated, you really like variety. You do not like being busy with the same thing every day. Do you think you have that challenge enough in this job?
Yvonne: Yes, for sure. Because this role is also supplemented with other tasks. Supporting other colleagues and departments. It is not just for the Directors, I also do other things within the organisation.


If we take a step back, you come from a different sector. What got you to take the step to move here?
Yvonne: During that moment I wasn’t actively looking myself. I was actually just approached by Nina, our well-known colleague. And why I went for it? There was something that appealed to me. Sometimes it’s how someone speaks to you. That’s why I went in for a talk and interview. The connection was there and it felt good so I decided to start with iPS Powerful People. A decision that I still do not regret to this day.


How did you find the switch to another sector?
Yvonne: I went into it openly. It is of course a completely different sector, but I also see many similarities in terms of the content of the work. The similarities are that you always have to be able to switch quickly, it is also a fast world, the diversity and putting the client first. Because of these similarities it’s easier to roll into this new job. And as time passes, you also learn more about the different sectors that iPS Powerful People is active in, but there is still a lot to learn about the Maritime, Energy and Tunnelling industries ;-). Which is very interesting.


Looking at the experiences you’ve had within iPS so far, is there anything that has stayed with you? What do or would you mention when you talk about iPS with your friends and family?
Yvonne: It’s not one specific thing. But when I talk to people about iPS or my job, when I list all my tasks, they think ´wow´ you do a lot. But if I also explain what is done for the staff and what we all undertake in terms of fun activities, what the working atmosphere is like and how the cooperation with colleagues is, then they are really impressed with iPS Powerful People. And this atmosphere is something that I find very special about the company.


You talk about the collaboration and what is being done for the people who work within iPS. What stands out for you?
Yvonne: In general you can really see colleagues helping other colleagues when they need help. They are willing to jump in, assist or at least just start the conversation of ‘how are you doing’ and that interest is really visible within the company. It’s not ´I’m on my own island and I don’t interfere with what’s happening around me´.


So actually a bit of a collegiate family feeling?
Yvonne: Sort of, 1PS!


A difficult question always, but how do you see your future?
Yvonne: At the moment I have enough challenges and fun in my current role. I hope I’m here for a very long time and then we’ll see what the future brings.

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