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Top 3 Strategies for Effective Recruiter Follow-Up

2 February 2024


2 min

Alright, you’ve applied to the open position, completed the introduction, sent your CV, and received all the confirmations, but some time has passed and you’re met with silence on the horizon. However, you’re still interested in the position, so it’s time to follow up with the recruiter. It’s perfectly acceptable to do so, just ensure you maintain a professional approach.


  1. Show Interest Without Overdoing It Your initial check-in should be subtle; avoid coming across as desperate or raising concerns with the recruiter. Simply remind them of your interest in the job and support it with specific examples of why you’re a good fit. This doesn’t need to be lengthy; two concise bullet points will suffice.
  2. Opt for Email for Status Updates Instead of opting for a phone call, send an email. This creates a paper trail and gives the recruiter time to properly review your status. When inquiring about older vacancies over the phone, recruiters may not have immediate access to the information you seek. Recruiters are highly organized digitally and can quickly check the specifics of the job and your application via email.
  3. Maintain a Reasonable Follow-Up Frequency Following up is important to keep yourself visible, but it shouldn’t be too frequent. Keep it professional and considerate. Since the hiring process isn’t instantaneous, you don’t need to reach out every two days. Aim for once a week. More frequent follow-ups are unnecessary.


Ultimately, let common courtesy and common sense guide you. If you haven’t heard anything two weeks after applying, it’s generally safe to follow up with the recruiter. However, if you’ve followed up twice and still receive no response, take it as a sign to move on to the next opportunity.



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