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We both realised this was the perfect marriage

12 September 2022


4 min


iPS Powerful people believes in collaboration to grow. By strengthening each other’s specialities and working together to deliver more to our clients, we increase our services and market share as a worldwide partner. This is only possible when you work together with strategic and strong partners. In 2019, iPS Powerful People got on board with Nautech. Company founder and Nautech’s frontman, Peter Harrison, tells all about this collaboration in an openhearted Q&A.



Could you tell me, in short, about the origins and history of Nautech?
‘I started Nautech in 1992 in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. As an ex-engineer in the offshore industry, I set up the company to provide technical support, people and the equipment for survey and seismic companies, a solution that was unique at that time. There wasn’t an agency who offered a solution for both people and supplies to the oil and exploration market. By taking care of all the needs of our clients we could make a difference.’


What is Nautech’s expertise, how does it distinguish itself from others?
‘There are several things that set our business apart from competitors, I would like to point out our three main USP’s. We have, with 27 years of experience, an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the offshore, oil & gas subsea markets and maritime environment. When it comes to the manning services and the contractual personnel arrangements, we use exclusive methodology. Our office team is multilingual and our office staff in Jersey are mostly ex-field employees, with a thorough understanding of the oil and gas market. This means we truly speak the language of our customers and candidates. Our main focus is always on our customer’s needs. We strive to offer the best possible solution, in the form of a bespoke package. We are appreciated by our clients for our reliable, cost-effective and efficient services. It gives us a strong reputation we are very proud of.’


What is the most important reason for seeking collaboration with others?
‘I ran Nautech for 27 years and have always been keen on the opportunities to develop the business of Nautech. I was looking for the next level of business in this fast paced market. To stand still is to go backwards, so I knew I had to find a solid partner. A partner to complement each other, so both parties would benefit from it. And our clients and candidates, of course.’


What was the deciding factor in choosing iPS?
‘iPS and Nautech complement each other. We don’t crossover and compete, but together strengthen our position in the market. iPS has a speciality in sectors like dredging, tunnelling and windfarms. We deliver personnel and equipment to seismic and survey companies. Together we can offer a much broader spectrum, and complete teams to our clients. We both realised this was the perfect marriage. To compliment Theo and Rob, they really understand the business and offshore operations. We speak each other’s language and already share a network. To take this step together felt like the right thing to do.’


The theme of this year’s magazine is growth. In which area do you see opportunities for growth for your company?
‘That would certainly be in renewable energy, like the wind farm sector. There is a lot happening in renewable energy these upcoming years. And I see opportunity to expand and grow our maritime and survey business with a larger demographic footprint. iPS has offices worldwide, so our offerings can now go through all the offices of iPS. By a broader demographic spread of our services, this will help the business of iPS and Nautech. We can do offers to clients of iPS and vice versa. This way we’ll grow together.’


How will the client benefit from the collaboration between Nautech and iPS?
‘With 60 years of combined experience, iPS and Nautech together offer a complete set of services, people and supplies. With our joint focus on blue collar and white collar, we are able to offer complete project teams to unburden our clients. Due to this collaboration, we offer a true onestop solution on a global scale, with specific expertise and deep understanding of the industries. This will definitely add value to our clients’ needs.’


What does collaboration mean to you, personally?
‘It means to take Nautech to another level. To develop and grow as a whole. It gives new opportunities to our staff as well to work in a worldwide group. I think this step is good for the career paths of our staff aswell, this gives me a great sense of gratification.

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